Annual cultural fest of ECB, which is organized every year for students to showcase their talent and skills of music, dance, theatre, fine arts, and other skills. Not just in studies the ECB students are always ready to do something new and students of our college actively engage in countless of cultural events and technical events too. To purposely engage the students in meaningful activities ECB's comities and clubs like “THUNDER, GRAVITY, XTREME, TECH-TITANS & STUDENT COUNCIL” arrange competitions for the students that lets them nurture their instinctive talents and serves as platform to them.  Cultural activities are much beneficial than they seem, different types of events plays vital role in shaping the passion and interests of students, apart from academics. Time management, self-exploration, personal growth improved self-esteem, and so-on. The ECB believes that indulging in such activities teaches real time aspects of life. Some of the best events of ECB are as follow-


GARJNA, the annual cultural fest of ECB (the event with a purpose). This fest is always a place of unrestrained joy, loud music, dance, parties, award ceremony, mimicries, plays and so-on. This event is an excuse for the whole college to let their hair down and be playful. Purpose of this event is to learn 


This event is organized by the seniors of ECB for juniors to give them a 'FRESHER'S PARTY' and a warm welcome. Ramp walk, introduction, extempore, debate, and other competition also take place. MR. FRESHER & MRS.FRESHER is selected by a panel after examining all candidates.  All the new students take participation in this event with great enthusiasm and joy


The annual parents-teacher summit, where all the parents, family members of their ward comes to college and interact with teachers and other fellow mates. On this day all the staff, faculties, parents, students take lunch together, which shows the unconditional love of each other towards everyone.  All the parents are felicitated with a token of memento, as a symbol for their presence and for memories.  The sports events are also organized by ECB for students to showcase their leadership, talent, physical fitness etc. The sports event is consist a lots of games like-CRICKET, ATHLETE, DISCUS THROW, VOLLEYBALL, SHOOTING, HIGH JUMP and so-on.  Not just outdoor games, indoor games like - CARROM, CHESS, BADMINTON, TABLE TENNIS, and etc.  On different-different occasions like Independence Day, Republic day, Teachers day, Children's day, Gandhi Jayanti, Poetry day, Hindi-Divas, Environment day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fun. Competition like speech, poetry writing, essay writing, tree plantation and other events organize by clubs of ECB.  IT'S A SHORT INFORMATION ABOUT CLUBS AND EVENTS ORGANIZER IN ECB THANK YOU Yogendra singh